Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers (MTH/SLS 218 - 6816):  Spring 2011 Syllabus

Department of Mathematics, College of Staten Island (CUNY)

Prof. Ilya Kofman

Office:   1S-209   phone: (718) 982-3615

Course Syllabus

Course Time and Place:

Mondays:    12:20pm - 2:15pm   in 1S-107

Wednesdays:   12:20pm - 2:15pm   in 1S-112


  • Mathematics for Elementary Teachers - With Activities Manual by Sybilla Beckmann, ISBN10: 0321447174 ISBN13: 9780321447173, 2ND Edition, 2008.
  • The Number Devil: A Mathematical Adventure by Hans Magnus Enzensberger, ISBN10: 0805062998, ISBN13: 9780805062991, 2000.
  • Homework:  Assignments will be announced in class, sometimes referring to this website. I highly recommend working jointly on homework problems with fellow students, but in the end you must hand in your own work.

    Grading:  The course grade will be determined as follows:  homework and quizzes 10%,  three midterm exams 60%,  final exam 30%.

    Help:  My office hours are on Mondays 3pm - 4:30pm, and Wednesdays 3:30pm - 4:30pm in my office, 1S-209.

    Optimal Method of Study:  (1.) Come to class.  (2.) Read the relevant sections after class.  (3.) Do the homework. Leave time to think--do not put homework off until it is due!  (4.) Compare your solutions with other students to improve what you hand in.  (5.) Come to office hours with any remaining questions.

    Materials to help you study. All links below are to PDF files.
  • How to doodle if you are bored in class.