Second report: inferential statistics

Your second report will test the hypotheses you have registered in Blackboard. The report you write will be eligible for participating in the Undergraduate Class Project Competition, and I encourage you to participate. I will happily help give you feedback on adapting your report for submission.

You will test your hypotheses on the data you didn’t use to generate your hypotheses. You should pick this subset out by using the commands

data = subset(data, !(1:nrow(data) %in%, nrow(data)/2)))

Important: This is NOT the same subsetting as you did for the first report. There is an additional ! that negates the selection condition.

For any criterium stated, if it does not make sense (for instance requesting confidence intervals for a method where no confidence intervals exist), you cover that requirement by point out the non-existence of the requested information.

Criteria for F

Not handing a report in on time. Omitting one of the instructed tasks completely. Handing in a report where any knitting errors prove difficult or time-consuming to correct. Handing in a report where four or more of the criteria for C have minor errors.

Criteria for D

Minor errors in the criteria for C. For example: the report file does not knit, but errors are relatively easy to fix; report has grammatical or spelling errors; etc.

Criteria for C

Your report will, for each of your hypothesis…

Criteria for B

For a B, your report fulfills all the criteria for an C, and has minor errors in the criteria for A.

Criteria for A

To achieve the grade of A, your report will also …

Your report should go through all your hypothesis within each section, covering the aspects that belong to that section.

You can look at an example of an A-worthy report from F16