Learning goals and examination

After you finish this course, you will:

The examination in this course focuses on your demonstrating these abilities. The examination comes in three parts:

  1. An explorative data analysis project.
  2. An inferential data analysis project.
  3. A final written exam.

The two data analysis projects will be on parts of the same data set, extracted as random samples keyed to your birthdate. (CUNY ID number?) The final examination will be a written exam, paired with a computer lab practical exam.

For the final examination, there will be questions focused on each of the abilities in the learning goals. For a passing grade you will produce complete and correct answers in each of these ability groups, and you will produce complete and correct reports for each of the two project components.

Grade requirements

Each report is graded on a reduced scale of F / D / C / B / A:

For a failing grade, your report has a major flaw.

For a grade of D, your reports will have no more than 4 minor flaws.

For a grade of C, your reports will be without minor flaws.

For a grade of B, your reports will fulfill everything for C, and the criteria for A are fulfilled with only minor flaws.

For a grade of A, the report will also include a critical examination component.

The final exam is pass/fail for the course: a failing result for the final exam is a failing grade for the course. The final grade will be an arithmetic mean of the grades, with:

There will be an opportunity in the final that allow you to raise your grade by up to two minor grade steps: for instance, raise from a B to a B+ or an A-.

To summarize:

Report grades Exam grade 1 grade raise 2 grade raises
D B C C+ B-
D A C C+ B-
C C C C+ B-
C B C C+ B-
C A B B+ A-
B B B B+ A-
B A B B+ A-

Report grading rubric

As minor flaws count:

As major flaws (failing the report and thereby the course):