For the second report, your work starts by creating a list of interesting hypotheses to study. These should be of the following kinds, to match up with the tests you will be learning.

I want you to make your hypotheses based on the same subset of data you used for the first report. If your dataset is called dataset, then you will subset your data with the following code:

data = subset(data, 1:nrow(data) %in%, nrow(data)/2))

and then base your hypotheses on the values from that dataset.

Notice that even if you suspect two values to be almost the same, the test you would perform is to test for inequality, and then take a failure to reject the null hypothesis as support for the values being similar (but not necessarily equal).

You should make at least 5 different kinds of hypotheses from this list.

Due dates

As a support for formulating hypotheses, you will read an assigned co-students’ report and suggest ideas to them according to the report you read. These ideas are due March 27.

You then need to formulate your hypotheses and register them with me through Blackboard. Your hypotheses are due March 29.

A draft of your report for feedback, as with the first report, is welcome by April 30.

Your report is due through Blackboard timestamped no later than 14.30 on May 15.