Nonlinear Analysis Seminar

Nonlinear Analysis and PDEs
CUNY Graduate Center, 365 Fifth Avenue, NYC
Room 6417, 5:30pm--6:45pm

Goals of these seminars is to discuss techniques that are used nonlinear problems arising in applied mathematics, physics or differential geometry. It will also give the opportunity of learning some recent progress in these fields.

Those participating in the Nonlinear Analysis and PDE seminar may also be interested in the
Geometric Analysis Seminar

which meets also on Thursdays in the same room 6417 starting at 4:15pm.

  Spring 2024

March 14 (in person):
Lorenzo Sarnataro (Princeton University)
Abstract: TBA
March 28 (in person):
Jesse Ratzkin (Universität Würzburg)
Abstract: TBA
April 18 (in person):
Jianxiong Wang (University of Connecticut)
Higher order conformal equations on hyperbolic spaces and the symmetry of solutions
Abstract: The classification of solutions for semilinear PDEs, as well as the classification of critical points of the corresponding functionals, have wide applications in the study of partial differential equations and differential geometry. The classical moving plane method and the moving sphere method in Euclidean space provide an effective approach to capturing the symmetry of solutions. In this talk, we develop a moving sphere approach for integral equations in the hyperbolic space, to obtain the symmetry property as well as a characterization result towards positive solutions for nonlinear problems involving the GJMS operators (a generalization of the Paneitz operator). Our methods also rely on Helgason-Fourier analysis and Hardy-Littlewood-Sobolev inequalities on hyperbolic spaces together with a Kelvin transform.


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