Department of Mathematics, College of Staten Island, City University of New York (CUNY)

College Algebra and Trigonometry - Math 123 (Section 92767):  Fall 2013

Prof. Ilya Kofman

Office:   1S-209   phone: (718) 982-3615

Course Time and Place:

Mondays and Wednesdays      2:30pm - 4:25pm   in 1S-218

Course Syllabus

WebAssign for MTH 123

Textbook:  Stewart, Redlin, Watson, Precalculus, 6th Edition, Enhanced WebAssign Edition.  Cengage Learning (2012).  ISBN10: 1-133-59476-X.  ISBN13: 978-1-133-59476-5.  Available from the campus bookstore or online from the publisher (textbook or ebook). If you buy the textbook elsewhere, you will also need to buy the student access code for WebAssign (available separately online from the publisher).

Homework:  Problems assigned from the textbook are listed on the syllabus. Any changes or additional assignments will be announced in class. Answers to odd-numbered exercises are in the back of the book. I highly recommend working jointly on homework problems with fellow students.

WebAssign:  Computer-graded homework software that students are required to use in this course: WebAssign website.  To sign up for our WebAssign section, click here and enter code:  csi.cuny 9991 8465

Exams:  There will be three in-class exams, Exam 1 on Monday, October 7Exam 2 on Monday, November 4, and Exam 3 on Wednesday, December 4.

Grading:  The course grade will be determined as follows:  18% WebAssign and quizzes + 54% Exams (18% each exam) + 28% Final Exam. The single lowest in-class exam score will be replaced by the final exam score if that improves your total score. Without exception, you must pass the exams to pass this course, and you must take the final exam at the time scheduled by the university.

Help:  My office hours are on Mondays and Wednesdays 11-12:15pm in my office, 1S-209.  Free math tutoring is available.

How to Study:  (1.) Come to class (attendance is mandatory).  (2.) Read the relevant sections after class.  (3.) Do the homework. Leave yourself time to think about it!  (4.) Come to office hours or the help room with any remaining questions.   (5.) To study for a math exam, you must DO MORE PROBLEMS from past exams, homework and textbook.

Exams from Fall 2013:

  • Sample Problems for Exam 1
  • Sample Problems for Exam 2
  • Exam 1 Fall 2013
  • Exam 2 Fall 2013
  • Exam 2 bonus Fall 2013
  • Exam 3 Fall 2013

    Exams from Fall 2010:

  • Exam 1 Fall 2010  Solutions
  • Quiz 1 Fall 2010 
  • Exam 2 Fall 2010  Solutions
  • Exam 3 Fall 2010  Solutions

    Problems from past exams:

  • Problems from past versions of Exam 1.
  • Problems from past versions of Exam 2.
  • Problems from past versions of the Final Exam.

    Helpful links from elsewhere:

  • Online precalculus lessons from Khan Academy
  • CSI Math Calculator Handout (free download)
  • Graphing calculator manual with exercises and solutions (click on Graphing Calculator Manual).

    Disability policy: Qualified students with disabilities will be provided reasonable academic accommodations if determined eligible by the Office for Disability Services. Prior to granting disability accommodations in this course, the instructor must receive written verification of student's eligibility from the Office of Disability Services, which is located in 1P-101. It is the student's responsibility to initiate contact with the Office for Disability Services staff and to follow the established procedures for having the accommodation notice sent to the instructor.

    Integrity policy: CUNY's Academic Integrity Policy is available online at