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Professor Kevin O'Bryant 

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Mailing Address 2800 Victory Boulevard
Dept of Mathematics, 1S
CUNY, Staten Island
Staten Island, NY 10314
Office Address Building 1S, Room 202
Office Phone I don't use my office phone
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Please observe proper etiquette when sending mail to any of your professors. We get email from many students, so begin with a salutation ("Hello," works for me) and then identify yourself. Make sure the subject line contains the class number. Use complete sentences, punctuation, and a spell checker. If you want advice about a problem, or to check your answer, you may need to type the problem in: I don't carry the textbook with me. If you don't get a response within 48 hours, send the message again. If you send a picture of the problem or your work, which is a great idea, you can help me by making sure the picture is right-side up. The year is 2023: you can use chatGPT to help you compose a coherent and respectful email.

Most email I get from students is through WeBWorK, which has a handy "email instructor" button on each problem page. When you use that link, you don't need to repeat the problem (I will be able to see your problem and the answers you've submitted), but please do provide some information about why/how you are stuck. I get *a lot* of these emails, sometimes dozens per day, so don't be shy about sending them! When you have tried a problem and gotten stuck is the ideal time for me to help.

Worst email ever: from "", s/he sent me a one-line unsigned message with subject "grade" and body "could u send my final grad plz?". No. No, I could not.

I do not email grades. Ever. Grades are posted on Blackboard as soon as I have computed them. About 36 hours after I post the final grade on Blackboard, I submit them to CUNYFirst. If you believe your grade is incorrect, you *must* contact me before I submit them to CUNYFirst.