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Here, you will find the conferences in nonlinear analysis we are organizing at the Graduate Center.

Nonlinear Group Study

This meeting aims to investigate nonlinear problems arising in Differential geometry and mathematical physics. It gives graduates students the opportunity to be familiar with a wide range of open problems, and learn tools from the calculus of variations to tackle some of these questions. Our meeting takes place

Nonlinear Analysis and PDEs
CUNY Graduate Center, 365 Fifth Avenue, NYC
Room 6496, 4:15pm--5:15pm

Goals of these seminars is to discuss techniques that are used nonlinear problems arising in applied mathematics,physics or differential geometry. These events are sponsored by the Initiative for the Theoretical Sciences.

Those participating in the Nonlinear Analysis and PDE seminar may also be interested in the Geometric Analysis Seminar which meets also on Thursdays in the same room 6496 starting at 3pm.

SCHEDULE Spring 2020: