Invariants in Low Dimensional Geometry

Gazi University, Ankara, Turkey

10-14 August 2015

Tour to Cappadocia Region

A tour will be organized to the Cappadocia Region at the end of conference on Saturday 15th August 2015.

Participants will depart from accommodation places early morning(around 6 am). The journey between Ankara and Cappadocia takes 4 hours by bus then the participants will be in Ankara around 11.00 pm.

The tour fee is $50 per person. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, transportation and guide cost are included. Museum entrance fees are not included. Tour fee will be taken at the registration desk during the workshop and conference. Here are some links about Cappadocia Region.

Cappadocia Region

Organizers : Abhijit Champanerkar (CUNY), Baki Karliga (Gazi University), Ilya Kofman, (CUNY), Feng Luo (Rutgers), Walter Neumann (Barnard, Columbia), Murat Savas (Gazi University)

Local Organizers : Atakan T. Yakut (Nigde University), Mustafa Ozkan (Gazi University), Sabiha Dodurgali (Gazi University), Fatma Yilmaz (Gazi University), Tugba Tamirci (Gazi University)

Contact : Please email questions to

National Science Foundation Gazi University Funding is kindly provided by Gazi University and the National Science Foundation (NSF).