Geometry and Topology Student Seminar

Tuesdays 1:30 - 3 pm, Meets online on Zoom (please email me to get on mailing list)
Graduate Center CUNY

Topic for Fall 2020: Classification and geometrization of Seifert fibered spaces

3-manifold topology and geometry

  1. An introduction to Geometric Topology by Bruno Martelli, available online.
  2. Geometries of 3-manifolds by Peter Scott, Bulletin of LMS, 15 (1983) online.
  3. Geometric structures on 3-manifolds by Francis Bonahon, Handbook of Geometric Topology, available online.

Schedule for Fall 2020

Date Speaker Topic & Reference
Tuesday Sept 8th Abhijit Champanerkar Outline, Summary and Resources
Tuesday Sept 15th Emilio Minichiello (CUNY GC) Circle Bundles (Section 10.2)
Tuesday Sept 22nd Hannah Turner (UT Austin) Branched double covers, quasi-alternating links, Heegaard Floer homology
Tuesday Sept 29th No seminar today, CUNY on Monday schedule
Tuesday Oct 6th Brandon Bavier (MSU) Alternating knots on surfaces, cusps and cusp volume
Tuesday Oct 13th Yassin Chandran (CUNY GC) Seifert Manifolds (Section 10.3)
Tuesday Oct 20th Michael Marinelli (CUNY GC) Classification of Seifert manifolds (Section 10.4)
Tuesday Oct 27th Joe Boninger (CUNY GC) Classification of Seifert manifolds (Section 10.4)
Tuesday Nov 3rd No Seminar
Tuesday Nov 10th Rhea Palak Bakshi (George Washington University) Skein Modules
Tuesday Nov 17th Joe Boninger (CUNY GC) The Colored Jones Polynomial and Operator Invariants of Links
Tuesday Nov 24th Joe Boninger (CUNY GC) The Colored Jones Polynomial, the Volume Conjecture, and a Quantum Invariant for Links in the Thickened Torus

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This seminar is organized by Abhijit Champanerkar .
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