Geometry and Topology Student Seminar

Tuesdays 1:30 - 3 pm, Room 6496
Graduate Center CUNY
Seminar will also be streamed online via Zoom
(please contact the organizers for more details)

Topics: This semester, in addition to other topics, we will go through selected chapters from the book Office Hours with a Geometric Group Theorist edited by Matt Clay and Dan Margalit (OHGGT).

Schedule for Spring 2022

Date Speaker Topic & Reference
Feb 22nd Matt Genkin Random walk on graphs
Mar 1st Yushan Jiang Counting Simple Closed Geodesics on Closed Hyperbolic Surfaces I
Mar 8th Yushan Jiang Counting Simple Closed Geodesics on Closed Hyperbolic Surfaces II
Mar 15th No seminar
Mar 22nd Zhihao Mu Groups acting on trees OHGGT - Chapter 3
Mar 29th Michael Marinelli Many roads to two bridges
Apr 5th Connor Stewart Free groups and folding OHGGT - Chapter 4
Apr 12th Joe Boninger PhD thesis defense
Apr 19th No seminar - Spring break
Apr 26th Yassin Chandran Automorphisms of surfaces and related objects
May 3rd Eden Morris The Dehn Complex of a Knot
May 10th Ajmain Yamin A Modular Uniformization of the Heawood Map

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This seminar is organized by Abhijit Champanerkar , Ilya Kofman, and Joseph Maher.
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