Geometry and Topology Student Seminar

Tuesdays 1:30 - 2:30 pm, Room 4214.03 (Math Thesis Room)
Graduate Center CUNY

Schedule for Spring 2024

Date Speaker Topic & Reference
Feb 6 Ajmain Yamin (CUNY GC) Perfect Forms over Imaginary Quadratic Fields
Feb 13 Seminar canceled Inclement weather
Feb 20 No seminar Math Colloquium - 2 pm Math Lounge
Feb 27 Megha Bhat (CUNY GC) Orientation-preserving homeomorphisms of Euclidean space are commutators
Mar 5 No seminar
Mar 12 Zhihao Mu (CUNY GC) The Gromov boundary of hyperbolic spaces and its generalization
Mar 19 Ipsa Bezbarua (CUNY GC) Contractibility of the knot complex of incompressible spanning surfaces
Mar 26 Susan Rutter (CUNY GC) The Gordon Litherland Pairing
Apr 2 Yash Chandra (CUNY GC) A Proof of Masur's Criterion for Unique Ergodicity of the Vertical Flow on a Translation Surface
Apr 9 Evan Scott (CUNY GC) Trisections of 4-Manifolds Through the Lens of Heegaard Splittings
Apr 16 Michael Marinelli (CUNY GC) An Introduction to Ptolemy Varieties of Cusped 3-Manifolds
Apr 23 No seminar
Apr 30 No seminar Prof. Bruno Martelli's talk in Columbia Geometric Topology Seminar
May 7 No seminar Prof. Bill Goldman's talk in Einstein Chair Mathematics Seminar, Tuesdays 1:45 pm
May 14 No seminar Double header in CUNY Geometry and Topology Seminar

Past Seminars: Summer 2012 - Fall 2023

This seminar is organized by Abhijit Champanerkar , Ilya Kofman.
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