Webassign Online Homework Setup Instructions Aug 30, 2021

Math123 and Mth130 Webassign Online Homework Setup Instructions.

(1) Obtain a ``Class Key'' from your instructor. It consists of the characters csi.cuny followed by 2 four digit numbers. (The full list of these codes will also be posted  here .) Open up a browser and go to www.webassign.net and click on ``enter class key'' located top right.

(2) Enter the Class Key code, making sure that csi.cuny is entered into the first box, and that each four digit number is entered into the following two boxes. Then hit the Submit key.

(3) You will then see your course, section, instructor's name and ''CUNY College of Staten Island''. If this is correct, hit ''yes, this is my class.''

(4) If you are new to Webassign, select ``I need to create a WebAssign account.'' And click on contimue. Else, you will select ``I already have a WebAssign account'' and enter your username, institution code (which is csi.cuny) and your password.

(5) From this point just follow the directions provided during the login process. The instructions should be easy to follow and user-friendly. If you run into trouble, you can contact the toll-free number  1-800-955-8275 or visit https://webassign.com/support/student-support