CSI Math

The Department of Mathematics

Welcome to CSI Mathematics. With approximately 25 full-time faculty members representing a number of the major fields of current research, the department offers courses for mathematics, engineering, and science students, as well as service courses for the general student body (see the full list of courses). We offer Bachelor of Science degrees with an emphasis on graduate school preparation, secondary school teaching, and a joint degree with computer science.

Many of our majors become involved in faculty-mentored undergraduate research projects. Our full-time faculty conduct research in a variety of areas of pure and applied mathematics (MathSciNet). Research areas include applied mathematics, differential geometry, discrete mathematics, geometric analysis, hyperbolic conservation laws, knot theory, logic, nonlinear analysis, number theory, probability, and topology.

The College is conveniently located at the nexus of the vibrant New York City area research community. Many faculty in the Department of Mathematics contribute to, and organize, research activities at the CUNY Graduate Center in Manhattan. Our faculty also supervise doctoral students at the Graduate Center, and participate in research seminars and colloquia with neighboring institutions.

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