I received a M.Sc. degree in Algebra (Galois Theory) from the University of Lausanne, and then a Ph.D. in nonlinear analysis from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. After a short experience as a consultant in a private company, I obtained a grant to do research at the University of Rome II, followed by several postdoc positions: Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (Barcelona), Rutgers University, Tata Institute of Technology (Bangalore), Chinese Academy of Sciences (Beijing). In 2005 I was visiting assistant professor at National Center of Theoretical Sciences (Taiwan), and obtained then an Alexander von Humboldt grant to pursue my research in Cologne (Germany).

My topics of research are the study of nonlinear problems that arise in mathematical physics, differential geometry and in some models of chemotaxis, with emphasis on the question of existence and uniqueness of solutions. Part of these questions are closely related to some optimal exponential Sobolev inequalities.

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