A lot of seminars are organized at the Graduate Center. Look at the weekly seminars bulletin that is updated every Tuesday.
Here, you will find the seminars I am involved with, and conferences I have organized at the Graduate Center.

Nonlinear Group Study

This meeting aims to investigate nonlinear problems arising in Differential geometry and mathematical physics. It gives graduates students the opportunity to be familiar with a wide range of open problems, and learn tools from the calculus of variations to tackle some of these questions. Our meeting takes place

Nonlinear Analysis and PDEs
Tuesday, 1:00pm--3:00pm
CUNY Graduate Center, 365 Fifth Avenue, NYC
Room 5417

One goal of this reading group and seminars is to introduce some papers that are related to a series of symposium in applied mathematics that are sponsored by the Initiative for the Theoretical Sciences.

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Applied Mathematics Seminar

Here are some past seminars organized in the "applied Mathematics" seminar at the Graduate Center.

Special events organized at the Graduate Center