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Department of Mathematics
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365 Fifth Ave., New York
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        Upcoming Conferences

1. January 15-16, 2014, with Longzhi Lin, Marcello Lucia, Special Session on Topics on Geometric and Complex Analysis, Joint Meetings of the AMS, Baltimre, MD.

        Past Conferences

CSI-Math Undergraduate Lecture Series:

3. May 8, 2014: Public Lecture by Evelyn Lamb of University of Utah.

2. Nov. 6, 2012: Public Lecture by Carla Cederbaum of Duke University. Logistics info can be found here.

1. Feb. 22, 2012: First Lecture by Frank Morgan of Williams College. Logistics info can be found here.

ITS-CUNY Symposia Series at GC:

ITS (The Initiative for the Theoretical Sciences) and CIAMCS (The Center for Interdisciplinary Applied Mathematics and Computational Sciences) are sponsors of the symposium series we are organizing, on various topics at the Graduate Center (link to individual symposium page):

12. May 2, 2013, Fluid Dynamics. Organizers: Andrew Poje, Tobias Schaefer and Jesenko Vukadinovic.

Speakers: Peter Constantin (Princeton), Isabelle Gallagher (Paris), Pierre Germain (NYU), Maria Schonbek (UC Santa Cruz), Edriss Titi (Weizmann), Alexis Vaggeur (Texas)

11. Apr. 25, 2013, Current Research in Numerical Analysis. Organizers: John Loustau and Marcello Lucia.

Speakers: Yves Bourgault (Ottawa), David Dritschel (St. Andrews), Tim Kelly (NC State), Jie Shen (Purdue).

10. Mar. 14, 2013, Analytic Aspects of Chern-Simons Theory. Organizers: Zeno Huang and Marcello Lucia.

Speakers: Zheng-Chao Han (Rutgers), Jyotsna Prajapat (Abu Dhabi), Dan Spirn (Minnesota), Gabriella Tarantello (Rome).

9. Feb. 28, 2013, Perspectives of the Ricci Flow. Organizers: Zeno Huang, Bianca Santoro and Christina Sormani.

Speakers: Dave Glickenstein (Arizona), Dan Knopf (Texas), Jian Song (Rutgers), Ioana Suvaina (Vandelbilt).

8. Dec. 6, 2012, Recent Understanding in Harmonic Maps. Organizers: Luis Fernandez, Zeno Huang and Marcello Lucia.

Speakers: John Bolton (Durham), Fanghua Lin (Courant), Tristan Riviere (ETH), John C. Wood (Leeds).

7. Nov. 8, 2012, Topics on General Relativity. Organizers: Zeno Huang, Marcello Lucia and Dan Lee.

Speakers: Carla Cederbaum (Duke), Gerhardt Huisken (Max-Planck), Shadi Tahvildar-Zadeh (Rutgers), Mu-Tao Wang (Columbia).

6. Apr. 26, 2012, Hyperbolic Conservation Laws and Applications. Organizers: Marcello Lucia and Allen Tesdall.

Speakers: Alberto Bressan (Penn State), Kris Jenssen (Penn State), Barbara Lee Keyfitz (Ohio State), Philippe LeFloch (Paris VI), Yuxi Zheng (Yeshiva).

5. Mar. 22, 2012, Aggregation Models in Biology. Organizers: Zeno Huang and Marcello Lucia.

Speakers: Jose Antonio Carrilo (Barcelona), Peter Constantin (Princeton), Yuan Lou (Ohio State), Juan J. L. Velazquez (Bonn).

4. Feb. 23, 2012, Recent Developments in Minimal Surface. Organizers: Zeno Huang and Marcello Lucia.

Speakers: Bill Meeks (UMass), Bill Minicozzi (Johns Hopkins), Jean-Marc Schlenker (Toulouse), Mike Wolf (Rice).

3. Oct. 27, 2011, Recent Advances in 3D Euler and Navier-Stokes Equations. Organizers: Marcello Lucia and Jesenko Vukadinovic.

Speakers: Tom Hou (CalTech), Gabriel Koch (Sussex), Nader Masmoudi (Courant), Alexis Vasseur (Texas).

2. Sept. 22, 2011, Recent Trends in Nonlinear PDEs. Organizers: Zeno Huang and Marcello Lucia.

Speakers: Xavier Cabre (Barcelona), Rupert Frank (Princeton), Changfeng Gui (Connecticut), Fang-Hua Lin (Courant).

1. March 21, 2011, Vortex Dynamics. Organizers: Marcello Lucia, Drew Poje.

Speakers: Michael Kiessling (Rutgers), David Dritschel (St. Andrews), Jeffrey Wiess (Colorado).
Other Conferences Organized:

6. December 13-15, 2013, with Marcello Lucia, Jian Song, Xiaowei Wang ,
Basic info can be found: RU-CUNY Symposium on Geometric Analysis.

5. January 10-11, 2013, with Ren Guo, Marcello Lucia, Special Session on Geometric and Analytic Methods in Teichmueller Theory and Hyperbolic Geometry, Joint Meetings of the AMS, San Diego, CA.

4. Hunter-GC Joint Mathematics Day: here, abstracts, May 1, 2012. With Marcello Lucia and John Loustau.

3. March 17-18, 2012, with Marcello Lucia, Special Session on Topics in Geometric Analysis and Complex Analysis, AMS Eastern Sectional Meeting, Washington DC.

2. May 22-23, 2010, with Ren Guo, Special Session on Hyperbolic geometry and Teichmuller Theory, AMS Eastern Sectional Meeting, Newark, NJ

1. April 2007, with Dick Canary, Lizhen Ji, Ralf Spatzier, NSF-RTG Conference on Teichmuller Geometry, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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