Vortex Dynamics & Non-Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics
In 1945, Lars Onsager published 8 curious pages on the connection between statistical mechanics and hydrodynamic turbulence. During the last half century, these ideas have had profound  implications in a surprisingly wide range of problems, from understanding the limits of n-body vortex dynamics to prescribing Gauss curvature in differential geometry.
This one-day symposium aims to bring together physicists, mathematicians and fluid dynamicists to explore both recent advances in the field and future directions for collaboration.
When:         Thursday, March 31, 2011
Where:         CUNY Graduate Center
        Science Center: Room 4102
Time:         9:30 am - 4:00 pm
Speakers:     Michael Kiessling, Rutgers Univ.
        David Dritschel, Univ. St. Andrews             Jeffrey Weiss, Univ. Colorado
Contact:     Marcello Lucia
        Andrew Poje
Information:    Schedule available at: