Mikael Vejdemo-Johansson (pronounced like Michael Vey-demo Johansson).

As of the Fall semester, 2016, I am Assistant Professor of Data Science at the mathematics department of CUNY College of Staten Island.


If you are a student, please use Mikael.VejdemoJohansson@csi.cuny.edu. All other inquiries, please use mvj@math.csi.cuny.edu`. My office on CUNY College of Staten Island, Willowbrook campus, is 1S-208. I prefer contact by email over contact by telephone.


My main area of interest is in applied algebraic topology and topological data analysis: how to compute the shape of a data set, and how to use that shape to understand the underlying data.

A large collection of lecture slides, written papers and other information can be found on my CV website.

I have helped create several software packages for persistent homology, most recently JavaPlex.

I am chair of the coordinating committee of the ATMCS conference series.

Among my many side projects is an enumeration of possible tieknots. To go with this paper, I wrote a webpage with a random tieknot generator.


Fall 2019

  • HON223: Macaulay Honors Seminar on Science and Technology of New York

Spring 2019

Fall 2018

Spring 2018

Fall 2017

Spring 2017

Fall 2016


I have a simmering interest in mathematical art, especially using laser printers and other modern small-scale manufacture techniques.

I exhibited in the group show Mathematical Beauty at the AAAS Gallery.

I exhibited at the Joint Mathematics Meetings 2019.

I exhibited and gave an invited lecture at the Bridges Mathematical Art Conference 2018.

I exhibited at the Joint Mathematics Meetings 2012.

I am helping to launch the Illustrating Mathematics community. Currently the best place to get to know us is at our wiki.