PAST Activities of the nonlinear analysis group

Fall 2012:

In Spring 2011, we focused on "minimal surfaces" (reading a survey paper by Meeks and Perez), and mathematical questions related to the Chern-Simons theory. In Fall 2011, we studied the Yamabe problem, and the problem of prescribing scalar curvature on a compact manifold.

Spring 2012 Seminars:

Fall 2011 Seminars:

In Fall 2010, we studied the Bernstein Theorem, and questions related to minimal varieties. In Spring 2011, we first discussed a conjecture proposed by De Giorgi, which is very similar to Bernstein's Theorem. These questions have been extended further by studying nonlinear equations arising in the study of surface of constant mean curvature in the Euclidean space.

Differential Geometry Seminar

Every Tuesday from 3:00--4:00pm, I am involved in the Differential geometry seminar with Zheng Huang and Dan Lee. To see the abstracts and list of speakers planned at this seminar, click here.

Applied Mathematics Seminar

Here are some past seminars organized in the "applied Mathematics" seminar at the Graduate Center.

Special events organized at the Graduate Center