Math 229, Calculus Computer Lab, Spring 2016

W 2:30-4:25 1S-103

Section: 26104

Instructor: Joseph Maher
Office: 1S-222
Office hours: W 12:20-2:15
Phone: (718) 982-3623

Important Dates (

Julia: To use Julia from your browser, click here: and log in with your google account.

Projects: There are 10 projects due. The projects are available at

You can also get notes that accompany each project from The actual work that must be submitted is from an ipython notebook file meant to be run in IJulia. For example, the first project looks like this link. But the notes for that project are here.

To get a project notebook into JuliaBox, use either one of these two ways (for all the projects at once if you want):

  • Click on the ipynb link in to download the *.ipynb file, then click on File in JuliaBox, then "Drag and drop" the downloaded file into JuliaBox.

  • Or, right-click on the ipynb link and "copy link address", then click on Console in JuliaBox, then type "wget" and paste the link address. For example,

      user@juliabox:~$ wget

To work on your project, click on IJulia in JuliaBox, and click on the *.ipynb file. If you don't see your project, click on the "Refresh" icon in the upper right corner.

To submit your project, use the CSI MATLAB project grading site at Keep both the ipython notebook open and the MATLAB grading project tab open so that you can copy and paste your answers.

On juliabox you will need to manually load the packages using the commands:





   using Plots

You will then need to restart the julia kernel.

If you get javascript errors in your browser when trying to use plot, or errors with SymPy, try running:"Plots", v"0.5.3")"SymPy", v"0.2.39")

in juliabox and see if that helps...

Project deadlines:

Calculator Feb 12
Functions Feb 19
Graphing Mar 4
Zeros Mar 11
Limits Apr 1
Derivatives Apr 15
Newton's Method Apr 22
First and second derivatives May 6
Extrema May 13
Integration May 20

Sample midterm 1

Sample midterm 1 solutions

Midterm 1a solutions

Midterm 1b solutions

Sample midterm 2

Sample midterm 2 solutions

Midterm 2a solutions

Midterm 2b solutions

Sample final

Sample final solutions

Final a solutions

Final b solutions

Exams: There will be two exams during the semester and a final exam at the end of the semester. You must take the final exam at the time scheduled by the university. You may not use a phone during exams.

  • Midterm 1: Wed 2nd Mar
  • Midterm 2: Wed 30th Mar
  • Final: Wed 25th May

Grading: The course grade will be determined as follows: Projects 40%, MT1 20%, MT2 20% and Final 20%. You must pass the exams to pass this course.

Help: Email is the best way to contact me. Come and see me during my office hours! Free math tutoring is also available (

Attendance: Attendance is mandatory.

Disability policy: Qualified students with disabilities will be provided reasonable academic accommodations if determined eligible by the Office for Disability Services. Prior to granting disability accommodations in this course, the instructor must receive written verification of student's eligibility from the Office of Disability Services, which is located in 1P-101. It is the student's responsibility to initiate contact with the Office for Disability Services staff and to follow the established procedures for having the accommodation notice sent to the instructor.

Integrity policy: CUNY's Academic Integrity Policy is available online at

Useful links:

Online graphing tool

Calculus online tutorial

List of calculus formulas and theorems

Khan Academy

Patrick JMT

These are the notes I make for class, they are probably not of much use to anyone else.