Role in Curriculum and Learning Goals for Mth 370 Introduction to Operations Research




Operationd Research or OR is widely used in industry and large organizations for planning and decision making.  The course is important for students who plan to work in finance, government, business, or manufacturing, since it covers optimization problems which arise in practice.  It is also important for those preparing to take actuarial exams (actuaries usually work in insurance and related fields). It is a useful elective for students from Business, Computer Science, or Engineering, as well as Mathematics.  Aspiring teachers will also find nice applications using linear inequalities which are usually taught at the high-school level.






Assessment Plan

1.  Students will be able to formulate optimization problems using Linear Programming models.

1.  A special section in the Final examination will be devoted to test this learning goal. Student performance in this section will be graded and recorded.

2. Students will be able to solve LP problems by hand or computer as appropriate.

2. These learning goals will be assessed with a special homework and a project.  Individual student performance will be graded and recorded