Role in Curriculum

Serves as both an introduction to statistics and an introduction to using computer software to
solve problems in statistics

Learning Goals and Assessment Plans

Learning GoalAssessment
Learn to summarize data numerically and
graphically for exploratory data analysis
When the class is being assessed, the final exams
will include embedded questions to assess student
performance on these topic-specific learning
goals. Instructors will tally their students'
scores on these questions, and will forward this
data to the chair of the department pre-major
curriculum committee
Learn about issues involving non-normal data,
data collection, and design of experiments
Learn the fundamentals of probability to be able
to describe a random sample using proper
mathematical language and to compute values
related to random samples, especially Binomial
data and normal data.
Learn inferential techniques for univariate
tests, linear regression, and other models,
including an understanding of the importance of
assumptions and proper interpretation of results.
May include discussion on non-parametric
alternatives and computational approaches.

When assessment activities are done, the results will be summarized in memorandum form and filed with the department chairperson for record keeping

Information obtained from assessment will be used to assess and self-reflect on the success of the course and to make any necessary changes to
improve teaching and learning effectiveness.

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