Role in Curriculum

An introduction to statistical inference

Learning Goals and Assessment Plans

Learning Goal Assessment
Students will know measures of central tendency and spread. When the class is being assessed, the final exams will include embedded questions to evaluate student performance on these topic-specific learning goals.
Students will understand the normal curve and will be able to recognize situations in which the normal distribution applies. same
Students will have a basic understanding of the concepts of probability and relative frequency. They will know how these concepts are related. same
Students will learn the basics on hypothesis testing. same
Students will be able to use computer packages in order to visualize data by producing bar charts, histograms, pie charts, etc. same

When assessment activities are done, the results will be summarized in memorandum form and filed with the department chairperson for record keeping

Information obtained from assessment will be used to assess and self-reflect on the success of the course and to make any necessary changes to
improve teaching and learning effectiveness.

Last updated 2/6/2021