Last day to file for June/August 2018 graduation. Last day to file for readmission, with priority registration for the summer/fall 2018 semester.
Last day to withdraw from the first 7 week courses.
Mid-semester alert roster emailed to faculty.
Mid-semester alert submission deadline for faculty.
3/30: Mid-semester alert notification sent to students. 3/30 - 4/8: Spring break. No Classses.
Last day to appeal grades other than WU or FIN from the Fall 2017 Semester. Please refer to the catalog for details and procedures.
Classes follow a Friday schedule.
Course Withdrawal period ends; Last day to drop with the grade of 'W'.
Last day to withdraw from second 7 week courses
Last day to remove incomplete grades from the Fall 2017 semester. Last day of classes.

The Department of Mathematics at the College of Staten Island (a college in the City University of New York) offers over 50 courses for math, engineering, and science students; as well as service courses for the wider student body. We offer degrees with an emphasis on graduate school preparation, high-school teaching, and a joint degree with computer science.

Many of our majors become involved in undergraduate research, and our full-time faculty instruct and conduct research in a wide variety of areas of pure and applied mathematics [Math Sci-Net link]. Research areas include Applied Math, Discrete Math, Knot Theory, Logic, Number Theory, Probability, geometric analysis, differential geometry. nonlinear analysis, and Topology. The college is conveniently located at the nexus of the enormous New York City area research community.

  • On February 2, The Graduate Center of CUNY will hose GC MathFest 2018. The program highlights the GC as a destination for graduate school. The schedule can be seen here.
  • Recent math graduate Fateeha Amjad noted for her philanthropy.Details...
  • Nonlinear Problems in Geometry October 19th, 2017, Prof. Zeno HuangDetails...
  • The guest speaker for this year's Simons CSI undergraduate math Lecture is Prof. Moon Duchin, March 9Details...
  • Annual Math Department HikeDetails...
  • Fateeha Amjad Receives Student Service Award.Details...
  • Chigogidze MemorialDetails...
  • Congratulations:Fateeha Amjad and Lauren DeStefano Undergraduate Research Conference.Details...
  • Congratulations: Itiel Cohen's acceptance into REU Program.Details...
  • Congratulations: Michael Siozios' acceptance into REU Program.Details...
  • Congratulations on Jonathan Zacharowicz's completion of 2015 Kryptos Challenge Contest.Details...
  • Simons Lecture Details...
  • 2015 CUNY Math Challenge Details...
  • Math Club>Join the Math Club here
  • Best Job? Mathematician See this article if you don't believe it.

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